And I’m Back!

Hello All, wow it has been way too long since I last did this and Im sorry for being so MIA. But this is the start of a new fall/new year at work. With that in mind, let’s dive right in.

So let me bring you up to speed. I have been working at AllPeoples Church for a year now, which is incredible. So much has happened and I have grown so much working there. I have learned to become a better communicator; I have learned how to manage multiple projects and guest speakers; I have learned that being in a community that is focused on reaching all people is really the greatest thing ever.

This past year as well, I and the leadership of the church decided it was better for me to stay state side. This was the best decision for the season. One day, I will be moving to the nations, but for this now season I am in San Diego and I am blessed.

In the beginning of the year, God asked me to do an extended fast for the first time ever. Now I share this because let me tell you, i love food. This was one of the most intense things physically I had ever done. I remember during the middle of the fast going to bed around 7:30pm/8pm at night and waking up around 7AM. I just remember the physical side affects were difficult. This time was sweet and precious with the Father. If you are invited to fast, you should! I mean it is hard. It is also so great to see how God moves.

This past summer, I got to go to South Africa with part of the night training school. We went to Cape Town for a few days and then we went to Stellenbosch. People came to know Jesus, we saw people healed from back pain, and we were able to meet with people who have been praying Stellenbosch for 40+ years. ALLPEOPLES is going to be start a church plant there in the next 12 months. More news and details about this church plant will be coming SOON! 10470767_693866171062_673686856114987974_n

The most recent and bulk of this post is actually to ask you for prayer. I have recently had some pretty major car issues. Long story short, my car broke down and I took it to the dealership because it was said to be under warranty and then they called a week and half after the car being in the shop saying it is not under warranty because a test failed. There have been 5 other cars that have come into the dealership with the same issue. I have been so thankful for my community in this season. There are have been so many people helping me with advice and prayer and I am seriously so thankful. Still nothing is accomplished and if the company doesn’t take responsibility the repairs are quiet expensive. Oh and I am also in week 3 of having this issue, but I woke up this morning and God was like Mae, read the story of the persistent widow. So of course, i googled where that story was in the Bible, ha! It is in Luke 18. I was reminded of God’s words to me when everything with the car first started, “Mae, don’t worry I have everything taken care of. Be a woman of integrity through out this entire process.” I will be honest, I have literally had more grey hairs added to my head because of the stressful past 3 weeks. This morning I was reminded that I prayed prayers like “God let me be the light in the darkness” Welp, when we pray those prayers God also answers and says great, I actually care about these people so I will send you into these car dealerships, phones calls, waiting rooms, talking to corporate people so that I may be brought into the situation and so that my name may be higher.

uuuuuhhhhmmmm, i didn’t mean that God! hahaha to be honest that was my reaction this morning.

After processing with God, I said,  “This is your car and as long as you want this to go (even though I am being beyond stretched– I TRUST YOU!) it can go because I am claiming your word that says, ‘you bring justice quickly and you work all things for good (romans 8:28) and you love these people and gave them your son (john 3:16) and you want all men to know’ (1 Tim. 2:4).”

Click for photo: Friend helping me when my car broke down.

Especially in the places of waiting, I see God’s character more clearly.


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