Merry Christmas Eve!

198Oh today could be filled with
Did I wrap that?
Have I filled this stocking?
What tradition are we doing again?
But right now you have stopped. Well, at least I think you have since you are reading this.  But now I am going to tell you to do something that I think many blogs wouldn’t tell you to do. But go make another tab on your browser or if you want to do it old school style, pick up your Bible and read the story of Jesus.
Here is a message about the glory of Christmas.
Today, I am walking in thankfulness today. I am so thankful for how I am so blessed.
I am not bringing any concerns. Today, I am reflecting on what God has done to show his extravagant love towards me.

Today I am so thankful for Jesus being the incarnation of the biggest miracle. I am so thankful for miracles. To all my friends, to all my family. I am so thankful for you and I pray this year you will know more of the love of Jesus and know in the depth of your being more of the miracle of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!



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