Hey-O From UB!

Hey Everyone!!

Wow somehow we only have 13 more days here in Mongolia!

So what have we been doing so far?

Well… We had WMASIA for the first time, EVER! It was incredible! We had pastors from Japan and San Diego.


It was an incredible time to see how God was so faithful. Hearing from the full time team here that many people who they had been spending time with for months, gave their lives to Christ during WMASIA! Our worship time during WMASIA was incredible. There was a lot of dancing involved!



Another outreach we have been doing while here is going into school and helping teach english.


Here is Cami and I with a classroom of year 2 students. We played hangman with them to work on their English words.


We have also gone out at night and done street ministry with friends from other church plants!

God is meeting us in some incredible ways!

Ways that you can be praying….

Energy and Strength: We are going at a high rate and pace, and just that while we sleep we are well rested no matter how many hours we do or do not get.

We will be able to enjoy one another in have great fun team times.

We will be bold for Jesus. The harvest is so plentiful here and ready. WE want to be ready to share with anyone who we are and why we are here!

Thank you again so much for your prayers . This is an exciting journey!


2 thoughts on “Hey-O From UB!

  1. Love the pics! Those faces of children are so darling!!! May you continue to run the race in HIS almighty power and strength, Mae Mae!! Much love!!


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