One Question

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I have written on here and to say I have been busy well that would be an understatement. When you decide to do a discipleship school, for those who haven’t embarked down that road, to say you are choosing even paying to go down a more narrow road well that is (at times what feels) like an understatement.

My schedule is packed.

Sunday 7am-2pm at church setting up, going to one service, serving in the other service, and then breaking things down (because we meet in a high school auditorium).

Monday-Thursday School from 8:30-12:30pm. I will usually leave my house around 6:30 to beat the traffic and have time with Jesus before class starts. Tuesday my discipler and I meet after class. Thursday I have life group. On Friday, I meet with the girl I am honored to be walking life with and discipling her. Friday’s is my get stuff done, like laundry and shopping and cleaning, etc. Oh working in here somewhere too….ha

Saturday is sabbath.

Robert our pastor spoke last week on the importance of Sabbath. If you would like a refresher on that you can get the podcast off of itunes or Download Link Here

This week we have a lady named Penny Allison who came and talk to us about Identity. I just wanted to show you the video she showed us. Because like many of us we get consumed by the schedule and forget the sabbath and forget the main point.

In spite of your schedule, please take time in your quiet time or FaceTime, as we call it out here, and ask this question.




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