Hold my hand….

“Your gravest danger is worrying about tomorrow. If you try to carry tomorrow’s burdens today, you will stagger under the load and eventually fall flat.”

The transition of my time in England is here. There is no longer this blurry image of change. Change is walking straight up towards me. While often people comment that they do not like it or they love it, there can at times be a mental “meditation” that happens to us all. We will go through the details in our mind until we can fully comprehend everything. I am not speaking about personality types. There are those who need to have a game plan and that is how God wired you, yes! What I am talking about is when we try to take that beautiful wiring that God has done and transform that into worry. 

My future is filled with so many questions. Is it going to be really difficult leaving England? What will Africa be like? Will I like it? How is it going to be living with the entire team all under one roof? How will customs be? What about life when I get back to America? What if we….. (the list of questions can go on and on and on and on) 

Important to notice that all of these questions are future areas of my life. Areas where God is already working on my behalf. Deep Breath in. (no literally do it!) I am humbling myself to know that my God is holding my hand like a good father and he is not letting go. 

I got the picture of me in New York City, Times Square and I was a five year old girl. I was holding the hand of the God and there were tons of people around. (as I would expect being in Times Square). There was excitement and commotion within the city and as a five year old kid it was exciting but at the same time a bit of fear was in my heart. At the exact moment that fear was there, I saw God lean down towards me and say “I’m not letting go of your hand”. We then continued walking down the block. 



(me about 5 years old)

It was such a great vision to have because it really shows the Father heart of God. He does not mind reminding us that He is with us. It is His delight to be with us. 

It is a season of transition, but I am graciously being reminded of God’s presence. 

Psalm 73:23 “Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.”



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