Identity In Christ


(Scottish Coast Line from the train ride back)

Hello my friends,

Last weekend we headed to Scotland for a prophetic conference in Edinburg and Glasgow, Scotland. The Friday night before we left we got about 8 inches of snow, so the 5 am leaving time was very interesting….BUT we did make it out of Sheffield, onto the motorway, and on our way to Scotland safely.

A funny side note:

“Any Veh” These are the exact words that are on the Scottish motorways (highways). It really didn’t make much sense seeing that it was trying to direct traffic but it was saying Any Veh, which completely confused us Americans….It was a great comical moment.

We were able to meet and make some great connections with people up in Scotland with a church through AMI (Antioch Ministries International; who I am partnered with) as well as another church within the city. (More info. about Scotland in Newsletter)

I was talking to one of the girls, Leisa who is in transition because she is about to move to Waco, Texas for at least two and half years to start the prophetic ministry at the church. Her family are not believers; when she told her parents that she was moving to Texas it went down in an interesting way. Her parents told her that she needed to have a plan for her life; she should get a lot of pay going to America and moving her life, etc.

Leisa shared with me that “I don’t have a plan for my life because God already has one for me. I will learn each part of the plan when it is needed for me to know.” She is living my such faith and trust in God.

There are these posing questions we have in life such as:

Will I get the promotion at work? Will I get a full time job? Will we be placed where we want to be? Will my kids get into the right school? Will _________?

Those are all the wrong questions. The better question to ask is

How should I live in this season, in Christ? It affirms where you are at right now and it affirms your identity, which is in Christ. When your identity is in Christ (John 15:5) you will know the will of God (Ephesians).

Start trusting and living out of faith because there is such freedom when we live from our identity instead of striving towards our identity.


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