Quick Update on Mae….

Hello Y’All!

I hope you are doing well and enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

We had a great feast at the church with our American (and some British friends).

I wanted to share the update on the blog I wrote on the teams blog site below!

Please know I am doing well. God is doing so much in me right now. I am learning more and more how to rest in Him. It can be a struggle with wanting to strive to do things, but I know that the Lord wants me to rest (rely) on Him. It is going to hit the 30’s this week here in Sheffield, and so we are starting to truly experience British weather. Cup of Tea was never more needed! We are getting ready for Christmas as it is exactly 30 days away! Man how the time has passed!

A fun story I will leave with you. I was able to give my testimony to the girl, Sarah who cut my hair on Thursday. Every girl Beth, Cara, Kellie, and myself has had our hairs cut by this girl. We were just chatting about why I was here and the other girls, and then she brought up church. She was telling me how she use to go to church but hasn’t been in 10 years. I was excited to share with her my walk, my faith in a way I had really never done before. Please pray for her! I am going to go by the salon again to invite her to the Christmas carol service we are going to have in two weeks! Pray that she will come! Trinity is moving!

I’d love to hear from you, so please email me!

Until later!





(Beautiful Sunrise This Past Week)


2 thoughts on “Quick Update on Mae….

  1. I appreciate your keeping us updated. You know, the poor kids in Sheffield used to lag their legs with newspaper in the cold weather in the old days. Does anyone still do that? Isn’t it wonderful how you can catch sunrise and sunset within normal business hours?

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