Hello sweet friends,
I hope as school starts back for some of y’all, kids are getting back into routines, & just the transitions from summer to fall is going well.
Mom & I were able to have a great mother daughter retreat to the Denver/ Grand lake, Colorado area for a few days. Mom &I haven’t ever been to colorado. We also were able to see some family that we hadn’t seen in a long time but it was perfect timing to catch up!

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I am so glad to share with you the joyous gift God has given me!
100% SUPPORTED!!!!!!!!!!
I am so so beyond blessed and grateful to the Lord for providing. I am so glad I will have all eternity to Thank HIM for this!
So what now, Mae?

This journey is moving onto another stage because I am preparing and packing to go to training. I leave this coming Tuesday (August 28th) to train until September 11th. The 12th will be our transition day/last Target run. The 13th is the date we are leaving for the UK!

Now, I do have some very exiting news! Because our visas are going to be up on after 6 months in England we have to leave 😞. BUT GOD HAS SHOWN OUR TEAM WHERE WE ARE GOING FOR THE LAST 60 days…. Namibia, Africa! which is on the west coast of the continent, just north west of south Africa.
(for my visual learners-google!!)
There is a young missionary family in the capital city of Windhoek. They have a pizza business and this is how we are going to connect and spread Jesus with the people of Windhoek. I am sure there maybe other “jobs” we will specifically do but I just don’t know them at this time. I am excited about going to Africa!!!! As we draw closer to Namibia I will give more specific details.
I’m all packed up and ready to go….I think…haha yes I am!
Tomorrow my team mate Kellie is flying in from San Diego to Houston.
Tuesday morning we are heading up to Waco for our training!
Our team has seen so much provision. I pray that you keep my team members in your prayers. We are leaving our families, friends, and our lives. I know we are so willing to make this sacrifice, but as I have shared the reality can be at times more difficult than we are wiling to admit. Please pray for our families that we are leaving behind. They are having to transition with not having us in their physical life.
Thank each and every one of y’all for your prayers and support. This journey is going to be a wonderful adventure.
It’s almost time to go!
Until we meet again!

One thought on “HERE WE GO…..

  1. Mae,
    I know that God will take care of you and the family you leave here. We are so proud
    of you and all that you are doing. Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers always. God speed to you!! Love Mike and Judy Beaver

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