Being more Child like….


I am sorry for being a few days late in updating you where I am in this process, but the Lord knew that I needed to be late because of a sweet story to tell you. So, as many of you know, my mom is a piano teacher (more than likely the best ever, no exaggeration) . This morning one of her students, Joshua came in and said that he had something to give me. I went out to the studio. Joshua then came up to me and was like this is my giving to your trip and handed me 20 cents. I asked him if he knew what that meant. Joshua said ” Yes, it helps you so that you can help others”.


Of course, as many of you know, my tender heart was melted in that moment and I was holding back the tears of joy from the unexpected gift. I feel so special the Lord gave me that gift today and in such a precious way.

This process has been quite demanding emotionally recently. Starting August 1st everything started to get really difficult. I was talking to my team leader Beth about this process. She put it perfectly. Beth said “We are in this transition period. We are not really in our groups here at home because we are having to make list  of things to get, get our last supporters, and the list goes on and on for preparing to leave. At the same time, we are not with our team yet. So we are in this transition phase. It is not that we are alone (because the word promises us we are never alone. Matthew 28:20) but we are lonely.”

This is a new feeling, and for many of you who know me well, I am not comfortable with this at all. I am that social butterfly. I like people and need them in my life. This past week there was one day I couldn’t do anything because my eyes were like a water faucet. My eyes were turning on and off with the thought of not being with the people I love so dearly. God has been the great comforter and provided what I needed, and I know He will continue to provide.

I would appreciate your prayers for my team and I in this specific way. This is going to be an ongoing prayer request for the next couple of months because once we get over there I know there will be new emotions we will encounter.

Financial Update!!!!!

I am at 70%!!! YAY! God is so incredibly awesome. What a great God we serve! 🙂 Please continue to pray for the remaining 30%. Now being in August, we (team and I)  need for the remaining of our funds to come in by August 24th. God has provided more and more opportunities to share with people what I am doing, and  those are being very fruitful. I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and support!!!

See you in a few weeks with more stories of God’s faithfulness!



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