Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5

This journey has been amazing so far, and I am still in the States! God has been providing so much in so many different ways. 

Lately, I have been given the blessing of reuniting with old and new friends in Texas. A couple of weeks ago, I went down to south Texas and saw my best friend, her husband, and their sweet 10 month old son! It is so sweet to go  and spend some great quality time with my dear friends.

This past week, I was able to go up to Waco and see everyone on my team, except for one person who lives in California. It was so good seeing my team. I started to really get excited about going to England with these wonderful people. We are such a unique group and it really is cool to see how God has brought us all together for the benefit of His glory. I was also blessed to see one of my dearest friends from camp days (whom I have known for almost 10 years). She just got back from Uganda doing the SERVE:Project there. We hadn’t see each other in 4 years, and it was so sweet catching up, sharing, praying, and just being with one another. 

I will be reunited with my team in Waco in 35 DAYS!!!! I can’t wait to see them! 🙂 



Almost All My Team (left to Right) Steven, Caleb, Me, Beth, Cara, and Michael… Kellie was there in spirit! 🙂 

I then went up to Longview, Texas where my undergrad school, LeTourneau University is located. I went to Longview for a wedding of two dear friends. I have never been to a wedding before where both dads were pastors and each dad had a specific role in the ceremony. It was very special. I was able to spend a few days in Longview and see friends from the “good ole days” aka college days. 



Top Left is my best friend, Paige and her sweet 10 month old baby, Cruz. Top Right is my dear friend Megan from LeTourneau Days. Bottom left is my sweet friend, Kim from camp days. Bottom Right is one of my roommates from college, Jen. 

I am so blessed to have such good friends through out the states. I really was thinking about the quality people that have been put in my life. Even more than quality, the holy, loving, and pursuing of Jesus Christ individuals who have been put in my path. I am truly blessed by how the Lord has brought each person into my life for a specific purpose. Each person that I met with this past week spoke something very specific that the Lord wanted to tell me. I was continually blown away by each meeting. 


The spiritual growth that has occurred within me the past few weeks is from Joshua 3. This is where Joshua is about to take the Israelites across the Jordan River. Before going across the river Joshua tells the people to consecrate themselves. This is what one commentary said about the crossing of the Jordan River. 

The crossing of the Jordan is also emphasized because of its pivotal nature. The crossing meant there would be no turning back, as with the previous generation. Under Joshua, and by the power of God, Israel really would occupy the land that had been promised for so long. The crossing became a spiritual and psychological as well as a physical entrance.

The Ark of the Covenant led the people as they entered the Jordan. Then the priests bearing the Ark stood in the middle of the dry river bed as the people crossed over. The Ark, as the visible symbol of God’s presence, was a further reminder that this was a divine and not a human enterprise.


The biggest point that struck me was how the commentary expressed there was no turning back for Israel. Making the decision to go and do something like this trip means there is no turning back to the former way of my life. I believe that by my going overseas, giving of these 8 months to the Lord for this specific purpose will be the crossing of the Jordan for my personal life. I am about to go into the promise land. I need to prepare myself for what I will encounter in this land. I see why Joshua told the people to consecrate themselves. This is more than a major event in my life, this is an eternal pivotal moment. I ask that you continue to pray for me. Please, if the Lord lays something on your heart for me and you want to share, email me (my email is on the about tab). 


Just an update on how the support raising is going… I am officially at 65.05%!!! The Lord is providing so much! 🙂 Let us continue to pray for the remaining 35%. I have exactly one month (August 24th) to have the rest of the funds in for the trip. Our God is so great! 



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