And I’m Back!

Hello All, wow it has been way too long since I last did this and Im sorry for being so MIA. But this is the start of a new fall/new year at work. With that in mind, let’s dive right in.

So let me bring you up to speed. I have been working at AllPeoples Church for a year now, which is incredible. So much has happened and I have grown so much working there. I have learned to become a better communicator; I have learned how to manage multiple projects and guest speakers; I have learned that being in a community that is focused on reaching all people is really the greatest thing ever.

This past year as well, I and the leadership of the church decided it was better for me to stay state side. This was the best decision for the season. One day, I will be moving to the nations, but for this now season I am in San Diego and I am blessed.

In the beginning of the year, God asked me to do an extended fast for the first time ever. Now I share this because let me tell you, i love food. This was one of the most intense things physically I had ever done. I remember during the middle of the fast going to bed around 7:30pm/8pm at night and waking up around 7AM. I just remember the physical side affects were difficult. This time was sweet and precious with the Father. If you are invited to fast, you should! I mean it is hard. It is also so great to see how God moves.

This past summer, I got to go to South Africa with part of the night training school. We went to Cape Town for a few days and then we went to Stellenbosch. People came to know Jesus, we saw people healed from back pain, and we were able to meet with people who have been praying Stellenbosch for 40+ years. ALLPEOPLES is going to be start a church plant there in the next 12 months. More news and details about this church plant will be coming SOON! 10470767_693866171062_673686856114987974_n

The most recent and bulk of this post is actually to ask you for prayer. I have recently had some pretty major car issues. Long story short, my car broke down and I took it to the dealership because it was said to be under warranty and then they called a week and half after the car being in the shop saying it is not under warranty because a test failed. There have been 5 other cars that have come into the dealership with the same issue. I have been so thankful for my community in this season. There are have been so many people helping me with advice and prayer and I am seriously so thankful. Still nothing is accomplished and if the company doesn’t take responsibility the repairs are quiet expensive. Oh and I am also in week 3 of having this issue, but I woke up this morning and God was like Mae, read the story of the persistent widow. So of course, i googled where that story was in the Bible, ha! It is in Luke 18. I was reminded of God’s words to me when everything with the car first started, “Mae, don’t worry I have everything taken care of. Be a woman of integrity through out this entire process.” I will be honest, I have literally had more grey hairs added to my head because of the stressful past 3 weeks. This morning I was reminded that I prayed prayers like “God let me be the light in the darkness” Welp, when we pray those prayers God also answers and says great, I actually care about these people so I will send you into these car dealerships, phones calls, waiting rooms, talking to corporate people so that I may be brought into the situation and so that my name may be higher.

uuuuuhhhhmmmm, i didn’t mean that God! hahaha to be honest that was my reaction this morning.

After processing with God, I said,  “This is your car and as long as you want this to go (even though I am being beyond stretched– I TRUST YOU!) it can go because I am claiming your word that says, ‘you bring justice quickly and you work all things for good (romans 8:28) and you love these people and gave them your son (john 3:16) and you want all men to know’ (1 Tim. 2:4).”

Click for photo: Friend helping me when my car broke down.

Especially in the places of waiting, I see God’s character more clearly.


Merry Christmas Eve!

198Oh today could be filled with
Did I wrap that?
Have I filled this stocking?
What tradition are we doing again?
But right now you have stopped. Well, at least I think you have since you are reading this.  But now I am going to tell you to do something that I think many blogs wouldn’t tell you to do. But go make another tab on your browser or if you want to do it old school style, pick up your Bible and read the story of Jesus.
Here is a message about the glory of Christmas.
Today, I am walking in thankfulness today. I am so thankful for how I am so blessed.
I am not bringing any concerns. Today, I am reflecting on what God has done to show his extravagant love towards me.

Today I am so thankful for Jesus being the incarnation of the biggest miracle. I am so thankful for miracles. To all my friends, to all my family. I am so thankful for you and I pray this year you will know more of the love of Jesus and know in the depth of your being more of the miracle of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!


A Promise for Mongolia


Today, was the first day since flying back from Mongolia that I only woke up once in the middle of night (2:56am) and was able to go back to sleep.

Jet lag, how you are faithful.

Since being back in the states, (only 2.5 days) I have had a whirl wind of emotions flying around in my heart. There are the excitements of the fact that when you get in your car that hasn’t been driven in over 30 days, and it starts you are say to yourself this is a WIN! Or when you go to the grocery store and the produce is absolutely beautiful and you are so happy. Or this morning, I went to a farmers market. Enough said.

I will have to say driving to the airport in UB was so difficult for me. As the plane lifted up, my heart sank. I really had fallen for the people of Mongolia. ok, I feel hard for all the Mongolian babies….Their cheeks are just so cute! To take a look back, God has wooed my heart to be a heart for the nations.

One particular memory…

There was a group of us who went to a side village an hour outside of the city, and while we were driving out there, God so beautiful spoke to me and said, “I am calling out and declaring hope over this nation.” My heart began to burst with emotion for the Mongolians. The almighty God was saying to Mongolia

I am pursuing you.

I asked God, show me his sign of hope. Where is this being called out. Let me see your pursuit. Then it was like my eyes were opened. I saw these yellow flowers all through out the country side. These flowers were lining the road, in the ditches, and by the river.

Now I realize these flowers are more than likely weeds. So far y’all who are flower people, bear with me. I began to so clearly see God saying

I will spread wide my hope to these people.

I will reveal my glory to these people.

Mongolia is being called out to be a nation that doesn’t just hear and see the works of God but will receive the most precious promise from God:

The promise of the intimate presence with God.


So, now I am back here in America. As I am sitting on my bed, in my room, I cannot stop praising Jesus. Somehow and for some reason, I was invited into this story. When I think of the men and women of God I just ran alongside with, I am humbled, honored, and in awe.

What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ

Philippians 3:8

Many of these men and women gave so much for the gospel and are still giving. Whether their comforts of life, the possibilities of their spouses dying, some even losing children on the field and yet they continue to press on. “Somehow”, I just rubbed shoulders with these great men and women. The depth to consider everything rubbish compared to knowing Jesus.

So, transitioning back is a process.

What was it like in Mongolia?

Mongolia is an area that has a thin layer in the atmosphere. The spiritual world in Mongolia is waging to grab hold of the hearts of men and woman. God has decided to pursue. It is an exciting time for the nation of Mongolia.

Hey-O From UB!

Hey Everyone!!

Wow somehow we only have 13 more days here in Mongolia!

So what have we been doing so far?

Well… We had WMASIA for the first time, EVER! It was incredible! We had pastors from Japan and San Diego.


It was an incredible time to see how God was so faithful. Hearing from the full time team here that many people who they had been spending time with for months, gave their lives to Christ during WMASIA! Our worship time during WMASIA was incredible. There was a lot of dancing involved!



Another outreach we have been doing while here is going into school and helping teach english.


Here is Cami and I with a classroom of year 2 students. We played hangman with them to work on their English words.


We have also gone out at night and done street ministry with friends from other church plants!

God is meeting us in some incredible ways!

Ways that you can be praying….

Energy and Strength: We are going at a high rate and pace, and just that while we sleep we are well rested no matter how many hours we do or do not get.

We will be able to enjoy one another in have great fun team times.

We will be bold for Jesus. The harvest is so plentiful here and ready. WE want to be ready to share with anyone who we are and why we are here!

Thank you again so much for your prayers . This is an exciting journey!

It’s Time!!!



Well, It’s almost time… T-minus 3 days until we leave for the great land known as Mongolia. Now, if you have recently watched Mulan, the Disney movie, we are not going there for their Mongolian beef. We are so excited to be joining our friends who have already started a great movement there. 


Here is a link

So that you can look through their churches website. 

I wanted to ask a big favor from you. 


If you go to the “About” tab you will see my teams picture. I want to ask you for the next 30 days (May 26-June25) to commit to praying for us. When you pray here are a few points we would so love for you to lift up. 

  • Unity: Team Dynamics
  • Safety in Travels (Bus, Plane, Walking, Camping, Riding horses….etc) & Safety in Health
  • Salvations & Discipleship: We will share the love of Jesus and that each one of us will be able to invest in 1-3 people through out the next 30 days. 
  • FUN!!!!! Joy, Laughter, Joy, Laughter will be the mark of our team! 



Thank you to each one of you for making a partnership with my team and I. 

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the scriptures.

                                         ~Luke 24:45

Story Time

Here is a story from Ali Gilkeson from Rend Collective Experiment. They are a band from N. Ireland.

The church I am going to, All Peoples Church is in a mini-series called My Story. We are sharing our stories about our relationships with God. I found Ali’s to be so encouraging. I thought I would share with everyone. To look and see other stories go on any source of social media and find the #postmystory.

Another Fun Adventure…